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Recruiting test

Job requirements:

Where to work: jinan

Work experience: just a little

Job nature: just a little

Number of applicants: 10

Wage treatment: just a little

Degree requirement: bachelor degree

Job responsibilities:

Job description: jinan (auto parts co., LTD. Is located in shandong jinan Cathy MingShui chapter grave area economic and technological development zone (national level development zone), the geographical position is superior, the traffic obvious advantages.

A 30-minute drive to Beijing and Shanghai, the beijing-fuzhou expressway, a 40-minute drive to jinan international airport, a three-hour drive to Qingdao port. As "link bohai sea economic circle" and "belt in the east of jinan" construction and start-up of the project, has been formed in the surrounding set railways, highways, ports and aviation for the integration of three-dimensional cross traffic network. The convenient land and air space transportation network gives the region unique advantages in accepting the radiation from big cities and carrying the transfer of industry. The transportation and equipment industry, with China's heavy steam as the leader, has a complete manufacturing system.